Sefela Garekwe

MA Candidate (Linguistics)
University of Cape Town

Sefela’s postgraduate studies are focused on researching early language acquisition, especially within the context of Botswana, her home country. Her interests are in infant and toddler language, the role of the social environment in language development, and early intervention. She is currently working on adapting a language assessment tool (the CDI) into Setswana, and also consults on Sesotho and isiXhosa research. Sefela hopes to continue with research in psycholinguistics at doctorate level and start publishing scholarly articles on her work. When she’s not studying babies Sefela likes to read, dance, and workout.

Anitah Moeng

University of Cape Town

Speech-Language Pathologist
Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital, Princess Marina Hospital

Goitseone Mogotsi

MSc Candidate (Speech-Language Pathology), BSc (Speech Pathology)
University of Cape Town

Goitseone is a qualified general speech pathologist, with several years’ experience working in Botswana. She has worked for the Botswana Ministry of Health as a speech and language pathologist. As a lecturer at Boitekanelo College she contributed to the development of the BSc Speech Therapy programme which is still ongoing. Goitseone is currently operating her own paediatric speech and language pathology clinic. She works with children of various degrees of communication impairment (from mild to profound). For example, children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism spectrum, Down syndrome, traumatic brain injury and developmental delays.

Nabeelah Isseljee

University of Cape Town

Jessica Dean

MSc Candidate (Speech-Language Pathology), BSc (Speech-Language Pathology)
University of Cape Town

Jessica is a speech-language therapist working at a practice for children with literacy difficulties. She contributes to first year teaching and support in the Communication Sciences and Disorders department at UCT. Her master’s degree involved a study examining the effectiveness of an intervention for children with reading difficulties. Jessica is interested in childhood speech, language and literacy difficulties and their treatment.

Mikateko Ndhambi

PhD Candidate (Speech-Language Pathology)
University of Cape Town

Mikateko’s research interests are articulation disorders, Developmental Phonological Disorders, and South African Sign Language. Her clinical skills are in Childhood Language, Language for Learning, Early Intervention, and Educational Audiology. She is developing a niche in Mixed Methods. Their most recent publication is ‘Beyond lip service: Towards human rights-driven guidelines for South African speech-language pathologists’.